About Us

Principal's Message

We are very glad to know that you have decided to take admission for your child in our institution.
We know that the greatest expectation of parents is to impart the best possible education to their children so as to build up a bright future for them by inculcating good habits and moral values. They expect their children to be God fearing, and become useful not only to the family, to the society, to the nation but also to the world in a wider sense.
We therefore give birth to the establishment of Ebenezer English school to ensure access the quality of English education.
So we believe educational institutions are essential to the community’s development, because it enables the community to ask itself vital questions and hands it the tools to answer them.
Our main motto is to impart education in a way, that it helps them in their intellectual, physical and moral character formation. Thus we aim at moulding them upto a magnetic personality to lead our country to prosperity.
We have succeeded in accomplishing this goal in the past also with the sincere co-operation of our parents .we expect the same co-operation of the parents and well-wishers in the years to come also for the fulfillment of our vision and objectives.

Mrs.Rejani Jose

Chairman's Message

Ebenezer English School is under the direction of Ebenezer Educational Social Welfare society which was founded in 2000 by pastor. K.T.Joseph, a native of Kerala with a great vision to provide a better English education for the growing generation.
English Education in India is being subjected to a lot of experimentation. At a time when even the illiterate parents have understood the value of English Education and the governments are experimenting with modern methods to attain 100% literacy in our country. The schools on their parts, are changing the method of teaching from the conventional "spoon feeding" type to modern "creative-type", where the curious minds of the little ones are activated to produce unique images. We have proposals for other projects, including those for human rights education as well as entrepreneurial and technology oriented education.
We deliberately take it as a challenge to mould the little ones to suit to this sophisticated modern world.
We request the people of this locality to prove our might.